A Dozen Near-Earth Asteroids Suitable for Recovery

A Dozen Near-Earth Asteroids Suitable for Recovery

Just weeks after NASA announced its new Asteroid Redirect Mission, astronomers have announced their discovery of twelve asteroids near Earth which they believe to be suitable for easy retrieval.

Despite the initial fear-factor of discovering large chunks of rocks so near our home planet, this discovery is really good news. Asteroids offer a potentially huge treasure-trove of untapped resources, just waiting to be researched and used. NASA’s Asteroid Redirect Mission is just one of the most recent programs that profess interest in studying these bodies. Commercial entities, such as Planetary Resources, express interest in mining them and bringing their resources back to Earth.

Alignment Strategy

This most recent clutch of asteroids was discovered by Daniel Garcia Yarnoz and his team at University of Strathclyde. They discovered them by looking through a database of near-Earth objects and calculating which could be moved with the least amount of trouble. These asteroids have been termed EROs, or Easily Retrievable Objects, and are estimated to be movable with a change of less than 500 meters per second – practically nothing, relatively speaking. With this discovery, study and mining of asteroids is nearer than ever before, and no one knows just what we might learn.


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